Florence Attali's dancing school, established in 2000, has a large studio situated in the middle of the 17th arrondissement in Paris.

It is here that she teaches students of all ages, all levels and with different goals. Some are professional performers: dancers looking to reach a higher level, singers and actors striving to gain better control of their bodies and movements; others are amateurs aiming to slim down, loosen up or feel more comfortable in public.

Florence Attali's dance school proves to be, above all, a place where people can get back in touch with their bodies: the school offers its students a unique and distinctive teaching method.

This method draws on the art of dance movement, core hatha yoga movements and a full understanding of the body. Far removed from traditional dance, Florence's method sculpts the body gently. But be warned, you can very quickly become addicted to Florence's lessons. She revitalises both body and spirit. Not only do people feel good during the hour-long lesson, but for a long time afterwards.

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