But don't be misled, these instruments are used in a totally opposite way to how they are used for classic weight training at the gym. We don't feel their effect on the body, rather, we use them as weight resistance and to feel breathing in the movement.

Also to be noted is the fact that every lesson is original and unique. Florence Attali constantly changes the content of her lessons as the variety of the movements she teaches is limitless. So, completely in tune with the body, Florence Attali offers her students personalised movements, according to individual ability, body type and goals.

The result
Florence Attali's lessons sculpt the body, channel energy and bring a sense of well-being. The benefits are mainly due to a change in the way people breathe, hold and position themselves, walk, move and so on, and not due to short-lived weight loss. These are changes you will see quickly and which have a lasting effect.

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