Florence Attali's method is based on an understanding of the body. She draws on the art of dance and hatha yoga, with some medical influences. To understand Florence Attali's method, let us briefly revisit her career.

At the age of seven, she attended a performing arts school with Yvette Chauviré as her instructor, discovering the art of dance, and getting a taste for the beauty of a well-executed movement. At 13 years of age, she met Lilian Arlen who taught her hatha yoga (hatha yoga, the more physical version of yoga, is based on harmony between body and mind). Added to this is her father, a doctor, who instilled in her some basic notions of anatomy.

There were therefore three major influences shaping Florence Attali's mind. Armed with this knowledge, she created her own method, a modernised version to that of Lilian Arlen, shaped by her own experiences and feelings, and continuously updated.

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