The different levels of the method will provide you with different keys to the body.

Breath must be contained inside and circulate in order to oxygenate your organs, tissues and muscles to the full. I will teach you what "breathing life into something" means. Next, I will explain why we breathe out through the nose and not through the mouth; and why when we breathe in, we stretch the spinal column and not the central cord. At the end of this instruction, you will start to feel the first lightening of the body, deflation and de-compaction. Your posture will start coming into play. But you won't have understood energy yet.

If we want the body to be straight and to be able to reach up high, you need to understand how we can direct energy upwards. Energy moves upwards through the feet. We draw the energy that is in the ground up through the arch of the foot (first pump of the body), it rises up into the base of the column and synergy forms between the breath on its way down and the energy on its way up (everything functions in two movements).


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