At the same time, air has been introduced into the rib cage; it rises upwards towards the heart and brain using the diaphragm as a pump, forming a figure 8. Dancers use the ground to draw their breath down and they use the arch of their foot to bring energy back up into the body. This is their engine.

The fusion between energy and breath is the starting point for learning about well-being. So when my breath is moving downwards, my energy rises upwards, but into the upper part of my column so that it is able to hang and rest less heavily on the base of the hip of the pelvis.

The fusion between energy and breath happens at the centre of the body (solar plexus, diaphragm). This is the start of learning about lightness (the body rises towards the sky like a spiral, and sculpting occurs). The process makes the head spin as re-oxygenation occurs. The energy that is breathed back in creates the beauty and lightness of the moving body.


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