A dancer from the age of seven, Florence Attali has always pondered the question of gravity. How can the body be balanced on one toe without succumbing to the force of its own weight, and while all the time breathing out?
Her whole breathing technique is rooted in this observation.

The dancer is, in some ways, the body's Formula 1. Armed with this knowledge, she then realised that she could adapt the basics of her method to a wider audience, showing to what extent breathing in more oxygen and circulating energy around the body was beneficial to remaining in shape. The results on amateurs are striking.

Florence Attali has taught dance at the Conservatory of Paris and the Pleyel Concert Hall. For four years she also presented a television programme on France 2 called "Le Geste du Jour" (Movement of the Day), demonstrating each morning a movement that can be done to promote a sense of body well-being. After this period of sharing her method on the small screen, in women's magazines (Madame Figaro, Elle) and her book ("Les Saisons de la Forme" published by JC Lattès),

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